Day 1 – March 26th 2014


Well this is day one of our Blogs journey to careerdom. Mmmm have I just created a new word for Websters? Wendy Stevenson  of the B.E.S.T. program will probably gracefully correct me by saying, “Sorry Chuckles. Nice try.” What is B.E.S.T and who the heck is Wendy? More on Wendy later…

B.E.S.T is the acronym for: Building Employment Success for Tomorrow, a program at Camosun Colleges Interurban campus here in beautiful Victoria BC. The program is designed to help and support, people find their path in education, work and life by examining their interests, abilities and potential to make informed decisions about their future

I am not alone… There are 21 other brilliant minds, (yup I consider myself to be in this category too) who are on their journey of self discovery and the path to discovering which career path they would like to go on. I am surrounded with people of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, who are searching for a new career that will help them reach their dreams and goals in life.

The B.E.S.T program has an amazing staff that is experienced, inspiring and supportive of each students’ individual journeys. Diane Stevenson, Pamela Johnson, Linda  and Wendy Stevenson bring a wealth of knowledge to the B.E.S.T. table. More on Wendy later…

So please feel free to give us any input on what you would like to see in the blog. I am hoping to get some of the B.E.S.T. staff to share some of their experiences and some of the success stories that they’ve witnessed in the program. I also would like to share not only the obstacles and successes that I am facing during my journey, but those of the other students as well. So feel free to to contact me at anytime.

Thanks for stopping by and may the force be with you…. I’ve always wanted to say that. He He He….

Okay here is  Wendy Stevenson our Instructional Assistant


 Thanks for being lots of fun in class Wendy!!!!



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