Something Inspirational

I was thinking this morning about some of the obstacles we all face in our daily lives. we all have decisions to make everything from what to wear, to what am I making for dinner,to what kind of job or career path to choose. Choices… sometimes we like them and sometimes we hide from them…

But life always reminds us that you can’t ignore them. I ‘ve been thinking about some of the choices I have made. Some have been good and well, some haven’t been so good. Then there are those darn obstacles that we choose to complain about… Ugh… Obstacles that we most often create in our minds that are many times FEAR based. Shoud I or shouldn’t I moments. Really what it boils down to for me is this… What obstacles do I really have in my life that are bogging me down? If I look at the big picture, I really have nothing to complain about. I live in a great country. I have a roof over my head. There’s plenty of food in my fridge. But most importantly, I am healthy… well except for the minor aches and pains the aging process throws at me every now and then. But for the most part, all is well.

So Obstacles, we all get them. But how we choose to deal with them makes us, or breaks us…But we really have nothing to complaim about… You want to see an inspiring obstacle overcoming story. Check this link out…. It just might change your obstacles point of view

Thanks for listening…   Peace.


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