Please… Stop Avoiding The Question!!

Okay so I haven’t been writing anything for a bit… Well I can spit off many reasons, but, I’ve been having a bit of an issue with an employer that I am supposed to be working part time for. The reality is, is that this part time position has turned into a full time position that is not compensating me for the extra time that I’ve worked. So, some of you may know that I am a part time live in caretaker of a small 10 unit property in Oak Bay. Yup… there are some issues in the building which is fine… after all it’s to be expected. BUT!!!!!!!!!!

One tenant is a BIG time problem… NOT his fault however, he has some special needs issues. I’ve spoken with my employer, his social worker etc… I’ve been as patient as I can be.. but no success… so after numerous calls to the Oak Bay PD, my supervisors, his workers, his nurse, and numerous hours of no sleep… dealing with this person and no action from anyone… Oh I’ve heard many we will do this and we will do that… But, nothing has been done… yet. So I put in an extra billing for the extra hours of work I’ve put into this supposedly part time position, and guess what, none of my upper management people are talking to me, responding to any emails in the last week, or even voice mails I’ve left them.

Yup I’m angry, Yup I’m tired, Yup I am even sick now (the flu) and can YOU SAY  a little stressed out… Yup to all of the above. So tell me what would you do? To me if you are a business and you say you value your employees, a simple yes or no to a question should be respectfully expected… That’s all I am asking for… Yes to the extra billing or no!! But that isn’t happening!! So should I quit? Should I find a new place to live? I’ve been told you should do this or you should not worry about this or that. Which I truly appreciate… Because they come from some very smart and very honorable people… But, I am not satisfied with their helpful attitudes… So I’ve come up with this……

So my supervisors are not responding to my phone calls, texts, and email messages. They contact me when they would like me to do something,and I respond to their request in a timely fashion.  But when I have a request or a question, they seem to avoid me and they never reply. This leaves me feeling pretty frustrated. I’ve asked them which method of contact they prefer, but they just says to do whatever is convenient. Since they are out of the office so much, it’s hard to catch them in person. What should I do? What would you do? Are they required to reply to an electronic message as you would a phone call a text or maybe, I need to send them an old fashioned registered letter!!!!

So I am finding out from other sources that It doesn’t matter what the form of communication is, when the recipient doesn’t respond, it’s frustrating. Whenever possible, a message should be responded to either on the same day or within 24 hours, even if it’s just to acknowledge receipt of the message. Of course, there are circumstances when that’s not possible, but it’s a good general rule. Even if you can’t answer the question right away, a quick “Got it, will call later” lets the sender know you’ve seen the message and will respond as soon as is practical.

What is more disconcerting about my question is the fact that my supervisors do not respond to or acknowledge my text and email messages. Since they do not respond to my messages one must think that it has become personal. They shouldn’t just ignore me; They should discuss these things with me. Am I being so unreasonable? I have no problem responding to their messages, so why should they? Yup I am frustrated!! I call this; workplace rudeness that leads to the frustration and stress that I am  feeling. Some of the stress comes from the fact that addressing the issue with a supervisor is much more difficult than addressing it with a colleague or maybe even a client or in my case a tenant and a social worker.

Finally, I can continue to do what I am doing, which is sending them my  messages and then making the best choices I can without thier input. But all I really can do is to keep them informed. But I think… No I know that I am done with this… Time to move on… So what do you guy’s think???

Please don’t be like my employer, give some input and don’t avoid the question…


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