Happy Victoria Day

HAPPY VICTORIA DAY!! So here we are in Victoria BC, enjoying our holiday named after the city we live in… How cool is that? So as usual I am sitting here with a bunch of decisions to make. Like every human being on this planet of ours, I have to decide what to do about certain areas of my life. So,  I have decided to research the successful persons point of view.. Here we go… this is what I’ve found

Decisions successful people make every day

1- They don’t allow people to define them.
2- They create a balance that works for their life.
3- They appreciate what they have.
4- They live in the moment of now.
5- They learn from their failures and try again.
6- They work with integrity.
7- They don’t get caught up in the emotions.
8- They stick to a developed plan of action.
9- They accept responsibility for their actions.
10- They have a true belief that they can accomplish what they put their minds to

So there it is… Number 7 can be a tough one for me, especially when you are passionate about something/someone… What is your issue from my top 10? I would love to here from you…

Have a safe and happy Victoria Day… Peace!


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