Accident Saturday

Well this morning I started of my day off in a good mood… Got up early and by 8:00am I was doing the weed wacking with the new trimmer and cleaned up the backyard. Once that was done, I decided to go to Save on Foods… Maxwell House 925 Grams Rich Dark Roast Coffee was on sale for $6.99. So I go there, buy my coffee, and a few other items and start walking back home. So I am walking down Foul Bay Road, about half  way home, I hear a car speeding by me and someone saying,  “Dan the walk,” and another voice say, “Fuck,” and the next thing I know  I’m on the ground. i hear a couple of people say, “Do you beleive that?” and another voice saying “Are you guys okay?” A bit dazed I look up and say,  “I think so”, but then I look to my left and here are 2 guy’s on the ground holding on to their bikes. So I say, ” fuck what just happened?” One of the guys on the bike says,” that fucking mustang cut us off and we had to hit the sidewalk to avoid hitting him.” (I find out later that his name is Bruce)The other guy,  “say’s sorry dude.”  So to make a long story short the guy driving the mustang never stopped. Some neighbour’s witnessed the whole thing. the cops came, the ambulance came, and we all survived the ordeal… Dan, Bruce, and I have some scrapes and bruises. We exchanged numbers, Police report numbers, and now I am at home feeling all of the aches and pains creep up.

What started out as a good Saturday is now ending up as a Sore Saturday…So I get a ride with the cops home cause my ankle is sore, bruises and scrapes from the bikes on both my legs.  I’ve gotten to know the Oak Bay police because of my many calls to them, working on the issues of the building. Anyways they are looking for Mr. Mustang. Then I go crap ! I forgot to buy cream for the coffee… Yup you guessed it, I go back and walk to Save On Foods to buy some cream… Limping I did do!!Yup it was a long walk… So I’ve decided to post my injuries as they progress. I have them on my phone, but, what the heck I might as well have some back up on the site… I can deal with the foot and the scrapes, but now my back and left knee are starting to tighten up… Great… Just Great.

I would say enjoy the pics… but whatever… I really miss my Lady Friend!!!!.. Boy do I ever have ugly hairy legs   🙂

   Image Image  Image




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