What Have You Become?

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done any writing on the Blog, so here I am coming to post again…Uh Oh!

Well today is not going to be a pretty pat on the back “Life is always good.” So I know what you’re thinking. ” Man his posts have been pretty depressing lately.” Well I have to agree… But life is life, and it’s not always smooth sailing. I am not an expedition sailor, sailing for the glorious sunset with the wind at my back… I try to as much as I can keep it real… Just saying… Lately I’ve been eating a lot of humble pie… which is fine… I think we all have to eat a piece of that pie every now and then… but I guess I am going off topic here.

Have you every worked your ass off to fix something that is so bad, and try to make it good, just to be ignored, or hear the same excuses why things are not changing? Yup… I think we all have at least once in a lifetime… So what do you do to change the tide? How do you handle the, “under the radar rejection”,  in a polite way? Really? Do we have to? Should we become a rebel and put our head out on the chopping block  to try and help a situation, that no one but you cares about… So what do you do? Who do you approach? How far do you go? How much of yourself are you willing to compromise?

I am reminded of a song by Nine Inch Nails that was redone by Johnny Cash 5 months before he died called Hurt. Watch the video on YouTube… Pretty sad and powerful at the same time… but very real or should I say honest about the ordeal… The ordeal can be anything that is being compromised… Your Beliefs, Your Faith, Your Friends, Your Struggles, Your Relationships. But how much of the time do you focus on what you are really feeling? Are you being real? Are you really willing to tell the world that you were wrong? Are you ready to admit that you made many mistakes in your time here on this planet? Sometimes being truthful and honest is about being man or woman enough to admit that you were wrong, and to lay it all out there… Yup it’s hard… but being transparent about it all is a huge release… No one can ever take that away from you… Here are some lyrics from the song…

I focus on the pain… the only thing that’s real…what have I become… my sweetest friend… everyone I know, goes away in the end… and you could have it all… my empire of dirt… I will let you down…i will make you hurt… I wear this crown of thorns … upon my liars chair… full of broken thoughts … that i cannot repair.. beneath the stains of time … the feelings disappear… you are someone else … i am still right here… if i could start again… a million miles away… i would keep myself … i would find a way…

Are you finding a way? That’s the question….

Thanks for stopping by… Peace


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