Summer Has Arrived!

Well it has definitely been a while since I’ve written anything on the Blog.

Summer has begun with it’s beautiful bright sunny day’s here in Victoria. The tourist season is in full swing with visitors visiting from many different parts of the world. Restaurants are full, the shops are busy, and yes traffic for a small place like Victoria is well…congested at times. But all in all, it’s been business as usual on our lovely Island.
I haven’t had much luck in terms of finding any work, but the good news for me is that school starts in 7 weeks.
Yup, I’ve been accepted into the the Mental Health and Addictions program and I start classes on September 2nd. Eh Ha!! This old guy is going back to school. My student loans have been approved and I am anxiously waiting to start.
It’s been a busy summer even without work. Carla and I have an exchange student from Quebec living with us for 6 weeks with the YMCA work exchange program.
His name is Danick (we’ve adopted him as our son), and he is from l’Assumption Quebec, which is a burb of Montreal in the North East Part of the Island. He is a good kid who LOVES Brownies! Carla and I have been having a Brownie competition and young Danick is the judge. Ha Ha! He always seems to like Carla’s brownies better then mine… Smart kid.
Carla’s daughter Alexis is staying with Danick’s family in l’assumption, enjoying and experiencing the culture and the language that comes along with La Belle Province. Ah real Poutines and St. Catherines street in the summer brings back many childhood memories for me. It’s been fun speaking with Danick in French, even though we are supposed to speak in English. He He! we get our French in every now and then.
So halfway through the 6 week exchange we have been very busy hosting and participating in some of the activities, as well as getting to meet other hosts and their students. It has been a great experience for everyone. The students are on an incredible journey that will provide them with friendships and memories that will last them a lifetime.
So that’s it for me today. So I would love to get some feedback from you guy’s to see how your summer has been going and what you’ve been up to.

Peace… Luke


Here is Danick… He loves Crab too, not just brownies…